Signs of Weakness

It is a sign of weakness to avoid showing signs of weakness. – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

We seldom what to be seen as we really are. We pretend to be strong, intelligent, and in control. But we are not.

This is a problem with society. We are not honest, and the honest are disregarded at best. Our masks protect us, but they also separate us.

I am not that strong. I am not alright. You can’t live in this world of ego wars and come out unscathed. We are all broken inside, even the ones doing a great job as actors and actresses.

I know, there are people out there who are pretty convincing. They look like they got it all together. They look like they have everything they want and are so very happy.

But don’t buy the advertising. Appearances are not necessarily reality.

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Jay N. Forrest

We are old too soon, and wise too late! I am a philosopher, a pursuer of wisdom. I have spent my life seeking to know the truth and discover wisdom for living. I don't claim to be a wise man, just an old man. But I do think I have something to say that might help those interested in living a good life without the supernatural.