Idealistic Youth

When we are young we tend to be idealistic. We go into the world with images of how it should be. But not only does the world not budge, it usually hits us right in the face.

Great knowledge without wisdom and without love is deadly. If it doesn’t lead to homicide it might lead instead to suicide, or at least depression and despair. The unawakened life sucks.

This is where I am supposed to give you some positive thinking and optimistic platitude. But I can’t do that. It is not authentic, real, or very helpful. The truth is that the world is not in a good way. I could list the ways that it is not well, but what’s the point?

The secret is to not want or expect the world to be any different than it is. Yes, we should do what we can to change it, but we have to accept reality as it is. If you are going to find any peace in this world you are going to have to find it within. The sooner you do so, the better.

Published by

Jay N. Forrest

We are old too soon, and wise too late! I am a philosopher, a pursuer of wisdom. I have spent my life seeking to know the truth and discover wisdom for living. I don't claim to be a wise man, just an old man. But I do think I have something to say that might help those interested in living a good life without the supernatural.