The Art of Living

Philosophy is not a science, but an art. It is the pursuit of wisdom in the art of living.

But that is not what most people think of when they hear the word philosophy.

Most modern philosophy is a waste of time, having no practical use. Most modern philosophers are like the person who stirs up a cloud of dust and they complain that they can’t see.

But ancient philosophy, as it was originally conceived, was above all a way of life. It had practical worth.

As Epicurus once said, “Vain is the word of a philosopher which does not heal any suffering of humanity. For just as there is no point in medicine if it does not expel the disease of the body, so there is no profit in philosophy either, if it does not expel the suffering of the mind.”

Published by

Jay N. Forrest

We are old too soon, and wise too late! I am a philosopher, a pursuer of wisdom. I have spent my life seeking to know the truth and discover wisdom for living. I don't claim to be a wise man, just an old man. But I do think I have something to say that might help those interested in living a good life without the supernatural.