What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom, and a philosopher is one in pursuit of wisdom. This is why I call myself a philosopher.

The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia,. The first part philo is the Greek word for friendship “love.” The second part is from the Greek word sophia, which is the word for “wisdom.” So philosophy is literally the “love of wisdom.”

Today philosophy means something else. It has become an academic discipline concerned with clear and rational thinking about a subject. It is far from the original conception, what Pierre Hadot calls “Philosophy as a way of life.”

I think that Epicurus said it best, “Empty is the word of a philosopher which does not heal any suffering of humanity.”

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Jay N. Forrest

We are old too soon, and wise too late! We will never catch Lady Wisdom, but it's the pursuit that makes us who we are. Let an old man help you along on your own pursuit of wisdom. If you are interested in my educational and professional background, please see my website at JayForrest.org